Choosing Bar Stools and Table Set

Steel Tables and Chairs

Bar stools and table set chosen for a company set the tone for the interior and comfort level of a facility. Bar stools and chairs is a piece of furniture that almost every customer will interact with directly. Take advantage of the opportunity to relay your business vision to the public through functional furniture such as bar stools and chairs.

You need:

Measure and record the length and width of all bar stools and table set as well as their height from the ground. Calculate the approximate number of seats needed by the total length of the tables and bars in inches by 40. For example, a total of 880 inches of eating and drinking surface would require about 22 seats. Visit the restaurant supply stores and furniture to discuss business concepts and share the table and carry height measurements with an experienced broker. Request that they indicate chairs and stools from their registers that are appropriate height.

Measure any bar stools and table set to ensure that the seat height is within 10 to 15 inches below the top of the table or bar for which it is intended. Sit down in all the qualified chairs and bar stools to examine their comfort level. Some chairs and pallets are comfortable in the beginning but have become increasingly uncomfortable for a couple of minutes. Make sure the chair will keep guests comfortable in your facility as long as you want them to stay.