Create Distressed Chandelier Style

Antique White Wood Chandelier

Light does miracles, it is an indisputable fact. It can arouse many positive emotions and feelings in people. Designers have recognized the magical properties of light. So, giving it a central place in interior design. With its help, you can play with new colors in any situation, and even visually change the space. One of the main tools of such a great transformation can become a distressed chandelier.

A wide range of decor steals chandelier of various types and styles is available on the domestic market. Starting from the classic hanging chandeliers bound in crystal pendants and decorated with forged decorations, and ending with simple models of ceiling fittings made of plastic or aluminum in a modern style. In recent years, the chandeliers have enjoyed great popularity, combining various engineering and technological forms.

It is difficult to give precise recommendations regarding the choice of a decor steals light. The decision should be based on personal preferences and features of the interior of the room for which the lighting fixture is selected. Distressed chandelier properly integrated in the interior of the room will always highly appreciated by experts in beauty and will please the eyes. However, it is worth remembering a few rules.