Decorating Wrought Iron Chandelier with Fabric

Wrought Iron Candle Chandelier

A wrought iron chandelier is a distinctive decorative piece that gives a room an old or rustic ambiance. Because it is a very masculine type of decorator piece. Homeowners may want to give it a more feminine touch by draping it into soft fabric folds. This creates visual and functional interest. That can give a wrought iron chandelier a new life opportunity in your bedroom, dining room or living room. Caution should be exercised when decorating a functional lamp with fabric due to possible fire risks.

Hang the chandelier to help you visualize the draping of the fabric and to help in taking accurate measurements if you intend to cover the fabric of the lamp to the ground. Buy fabric to match the decoration of the room. Select the pure white fabric to give the room an airy, tropical feel. If the spider looms over the bed, pass the fabric down the spider to create a canopy. Choose from crushed red velvet to provide a spectacular gothic feel and an attractive dark ambiance.

Experiment with different ways to hang the fabric of the wrought iron chandelier. Try wrapping the entire armor with the draped fabric to disguise the metal. draped of fabric around the center spoke only to highlight the steel industry. Evaluate how the draping looks from different angles in the room, especially the door and while lying on the bed facing up. Adjust the fabric until you are satisfied with how it looks from multiple perspectives.