Great Idea for Art Deco Chandelier

Art Deco Chandelier Living Room

We’ve already found that using an art deco chandelier over the bed in a bedroom was a great idea for aesthetic reasons. But you don’t necessarily have to hang it over the bed to get the same effect. You can also mix things up and hang them up in a more unexpected place such as over the side tables or just somewhere in the corner! Let’s face it, the dining room is an obvious option for hanging a chandelier.

But if you decide to use a chandelier that is slightly outside the box, you create something different from the usual, dramatic and conservative ethos that a typical chandelier can add. Add a chandelier to your baby’s baby room to add a little vintage look! It is refined, but the low beam lights will certainly add a little relaxation to the room.

Make your walk from room to room a little more interesting. Hang a chandelier or two above your path to illuminate the way in a fashion-forward style. Take a look (and drool) now about these beautiful places, spaces and chandelier locations. Grab some inspiration and start your search for the perfect corner (or hole) for your new chandelier! Check our gallery to inspire you!