How to Make Bar Table and Chairs

Image Bar Table and Chairs

Bar table and chairs can add some personalization to your home bar. There are a number of different materials, sizes and designs to consider, and the possibilities are endless. But one of the more classic paradigms is the traditional, round wooden pallet. Timeless and elegant, this stool can also be painted or decorated to suit almost any motif. This is the building plan for making a stool.

You will need:

Measure the height of the bar counter. The top of your bar table and chairs should sit about 9 to 12 inches below it. Subtract the desired difference to take into account the height of the legs. Don’t worry about the width of the seat, as this height will be made up after the legs are angled.

Measure a 30-degree angle from. The corner at the end of each leg. Bar table and chairs will angle down so that the legs are angled outward, but still sit flat on the floor. The wood is then cut and repeats the process for the other end of each leg. Be sure the other angle is drawn parallel to one at the other end. Each leg should now sit flat, stand at a 30-degree angle to the side and have a flat surface at the top parallel to the floor.