Bar Height Fire Table, the Luxury Way to Enjoy the Garden

Small Dining Table with Fire Pit

The bar height fire table has been totally hip for years. It is the way to have a campfire in your own garden in a responsible way. The possibilities of sitting outside in the garden were discovered with the fire pit. They come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from steel to cast iron.  The fire pit is a real atmosphere creator and gives absolutely enough warmth to enjoy a nice long time in the outdoors! Many people find this the best way to enjoy a campfire.

The flames that wrap around the real logs, the smoke and the sparks make it very authentic. Like that, especially in the past with the barbecue and the fireplace. The burner is camouflaged with ceramic logs and lava stones. As a result, the fire in the fire table is almost indistinguishable from a real wood fire.

You do not have to lug around fire blocks and you do not suffer from smoke, sparks and ash. The fire table can be expanded with a few nice accessories such as wine coolers, side tables and side tables to make it even more comfortable. So there are plenty of options to spend longer, pleasant evenings outside in the garden!