Beautiful And Easy D├ęcor Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Best Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Framed bathroom mirrors – Learning to frame a bathroom mirror can help you create a custom mirror for any bath in the house. Whether your mirror is permanent or mobile, you have a choice of framing options. When you frame a mirror yourself, you can choose between two types of mirrors: those that are permanently affixed to the wall and those that you can move.

Mounting a simple mirror on the wall can allow you to build a permanent frame all around. The moldings of tiles or wood are not attached to the mirror, but to the wall around it, forming a frame. This technique works well if the rest of the wall is tiled or you know you will not move or change the mirror anytime soon.

A movable framed mirror surrounds the glass inside a frame very similar to a framed picture. The wood slats are grooved to fit the glass, the corners of the frame are stapled or glued, and the mirror can be moved from wall to wall at any time. Before you can frame your mirror, you need to know what type of mirror you are looking for and how you want the finished product to appear.