Making the Bar Height Outdoor Table of PVC

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Bar Height Outdoor Table – Tables offer a readily available, cheap and convenient way to provide a temporary area on which to dine, play cards or serve food. However, they only come at a standard table height that is much lower than the standard height bar, making it awkward and unprofessional to use as a bar for a special event. Fortunately, PVC pipe provides an inexpensive remedy for this problem when cutting to a certain size and used as risers.

Measure your 40-inch PVC pipe, which is standard bar table, mark and repeat until there is the same measurement number of the PVC pipe as the legs of your table. Make a mark on each tube to see how far down and how wide the leg of the table is. Cut the PVC pipe to the length of 40 inches, then cut a slit for fit around the table leg board keys. This will allow the pipes to slide to the bottom of the board, adding stability.

Unfold the legs of the table and set each one in its corresponding PVC tube of the envelope. Make sure each leg fits snugly in the slit holder to make sure it is level and stable. To prevent damage to the floor, cover the bottom of each PVC leg in plastic or rubber dip. It is a commercially available liquid commonly used to dip handles from the hand tool. Objects can be submerged in it and then left to dry in order to provide a smooth and non-slip surface.